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15% OFF EVERYTHING!! - March 2017

15% OFF!

Limited Time Only!

Simply Place Your Products into the Basket... Head to Checkout.. Use the code DISCOUNT15 in the Discount Code Box... Then Voila!!

Have you spotted that our Metallic Twist Brushes are ONLY £2? Bargain!


FLASH SALE!! - February 2017

Bargain After Bargain!! Read more

The History Of Wedding Cakes - January 2017

In modern society, wedding cake decorations are a huge part of the ceremony. Read more

Christmas Delivery Times.. - December 2016

Want Something For Christmas? Read more

Are you ready for Christmas? - December 2016

Just over 3 weeks! Read more

BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! - November 2016


FROZEN! NEW! - November 2016


Christmas/Halloween End of Stock Sale!! - September 2016

LIMITED TIME!! Read more

Great British Bake Off - August 2016

It's Back!! Read more

Birthday Cake Toppers - July 2016

A large range of hand selected Birthday cake toppers Read more

Edible flowers for cakes - April 2016

Add something Different... Read more

Edible butterflies - April 2016

Flutter Flutter... Read more

Edible cupcake toppers & ready made cake decorations - April 2016

Top off those Cakes... Read more

Gel Food Colouring & Rainbow Cake Colouring - April 2016

Best Seller!! Read more

Football Cake Decorations - April 2016

Goal Goal Goal!! Read more

Popstar Cake Toppers - April 2016

''From The Top'' Read more

Cake Steamer - April 2016

Bargain Priced!! Read more

Edible Fondant Roses - April 2016

Are you looking for beautiful and elegant toppers for your cakes and cupcakes? Read more

FREE DELIVERY!! - April 2016

LIMITED TIME!! Read more

Flower Cutters - April 2016

HUGE RANGE!! Read more

30th - Pearl Wedding Cake Decorations - April 2016

Ding Dong the Bells are going to Chime... Read more

Palette knife - April 2016


Toy Story Cake Toppers - March 2016

Reach For The Sky.... Read more

Golf Cake Decorations - March 2016

Foreeee... Read more

Disney Cake Princess Toppers - March 2016

Happily Ever After... Read more

Little Mermaid Cake Decorations UK - March 2016

Mermaid Academy... Read more

Doctors and Nurses Cake Toppers - March 2016

NEW!! Read more

Fireman Cake Toppers - March 2016

NEW!! Read more

Novelty Cake Tins - March 2016

Add a bit of Fun to you're Cake.. Read more

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cake Toppers - March 2016

Disney Figurines!! Read more

Round Cake Tins - March 2016

Best Seller!! Read more

Square Cake Tins - March 2016

Best Seller!! Read more

Decorations for Cakes – Diamond Wedding - March 2016

60 Years? Read more

Cake Decorations - 50th Wedding Anniversary - March 2016

Gold Everywhere... Read more

40th Wedding Anniversary Cakes - March 2016

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby... Read more

25th Wedding Anniversary Decorations - March 2016

Silver Celebrations.. Bling!! Read more

Patterned and Coloured Cake Boards - March 2016

Add something Different... Read more

Fairy Cake Toppers - March 2016

Best Seller!! Read more

Easy Icing Figures. - March 2016

Create your own.. Read more

Creating Your Own Shades of Sugar Paste.. - March 2016

Two Simple 'How To' Methods.. Read more

Fisherman Cake Toppers - February 2016

NEW!! Read more

Mother's Day - February 2016

Sunday 6th March! Read more

February Offers!! - February 2016

Want some Wintry Deals? Read more

The Little Cake Shop - February 2016

Who Are We? Read more

WINTER SALE - January 2016

We have reduced many of our products.. Read more

Cake Decoration Blogs You Need to Read Today! - January 2016

Here at The Little Cake Shop, we love cake decoration so much that we just can’t stop reading about Read more

January News.. - January 2016

We want to hear from you! Read more

Christmas Sale! - December 2015

SALE!! Read more

Christmas Presents.. - December 2015

Stuck for Ideas? Read more

Renshaw SALE!! - November 2015

Discount on Ready to Roll Icing.. Read more

Disney Cake Toppers - November 2015

Launching our NEW range of Disney Cake Toppers Read more

Our Favourite Spooky Halloween Cake Decorations - October 2015

LAST CHANCE!! Read more

BRAND NEW STOCK!! - October 2015

FMM Easy Rose Cutter - How To Guide. Read more

Natural Flavoured Icing Mixes! - September 2015

BRAND NEW! Read more

Halloween Sale - September 2015

Many Products Reduced..! Read more

Edible Cake Decorations... - August 2015


The Most Common Cake Decoration Mistakes You Need to Avoid - August 2015

Avoid the most common mistakes in baking and cake decoration with these handy tips! Read more

Butterfly Decorations - July 2015

HUGE RANGE!! Read more

6 Cake Baking Supplies You Can’t Live Without - July 2015

The Little Cake Shop know that not everyone has the same level of skill when it comes to baking. Read more

Best Cake Decoration Idea for Boys - July 2015

At The Little Cake Company, we know that cake decoration is not just for girls. Read more

Have you seen our Quirky Sugar Shapes? - June 2015

What do you do with yours? Read more


We LOVE our new additions!! Read more

SALE!!! - June 2015

Huge Range of Products Reduced... Read more

Modelling Tools & Equipment SALE - May 2015

Many Items Reduced.. Read more

Royal Baby... - May 2015

Celebrate With Us! Read more

Bank Holiday Special!! - April 2015

20% OFF!! Read more

Easter Bank Holiday Discount! - April 2015

Want 10% off your Order? Read more

Bank Holiday Opening Times.. - March 2015

Opening Hours Read more

Easter Competition!! - March 2015

Want to win a Easter Bundle of Products? Read more

Frozen Figures Reduced!! - March 2015

For a limited time only.. Read more

Red Nose Day 2015 - March 2015

Are you fundraising? Read more

Valentine's - February 2015

Have that special someone in your life? Read more


Exciting New Products! Read more

Competition Time! - January 2015

We want to reward our customers... Read more

It's the Weekend! - January 2015

Discount Available.. Read more

Decorative Cupcake Texture Mats - December 2014

Make cake decorating simple by adding an instant professional looking decoration to your icing. Read more

Small Business Saturday - December 2014

Discount Available.. Read more

Black Friday!! - November 2014

Great Savings!! Read more

Book Sale - November 2014

Christmas Presents? Read more

Squires Kitchen Flower Paste.. - November 2014

10% SALE! Read more

NEW! Sugarcraft Cutters - November 2014

Updated Stock! Read more

National Chocolate Week!! - October 2014

Choc-Choc-Choc Read more

Christmas is Coming! - October 2014

Time to get ready.. Read more

The Great British Bake Off Update - August 2014

Was it unfair? Read more

Sugarpaste Amount Guide - June 2014

How much Sugarpaste should I use for my Cake? Read more

World Cup Discount Offer.. - June 2014

Fancy a Discount? Read more

BRAND NEW Claydough Figures.. - June 2014

Different Professions.. Read more

New Silicone Sugarcraft Moulds.. - May 2014

Introducing New Moulds.. Read more

Decorating your Chocolate Cake.. - April 2014

Are you organising a baby shower for a friend or family member? Read more

Basic 8" Round or Square Chocolate Cake Recipe - April 2014

Quick & Simple Recipe Read more

NEW! Cake Pops & Moulds - March 2014

Candy Moulds NOW IN STOCK.. Read more

Exciting News - March 2014

Larger range of Stock to be introduced.. Read more

NEW Bright Coloured Cupcake Boxes - September 2013

Our new range.... Read more

Gluten Free Cake Mix - August 2013

Special Offer Read more

Breast Cancer Care Strawberry Tea - July 2013

Where will you hold yours? Read more

Exciting new products just added - July 2013

We have listened to our customers and have started selling some new and excited product lines. Read more

Loyalty Points - June 2013

Loyalty Points Read more

Hearts and Stars Sprays - September 2012

How to make a Heart or Star Spray Centerpiece for your Cake Read more

How to make Buttercream White. - August 2012

Ever wondered how to make buttercream whiter than white or blue without it turning green? Read more

Basic 8" Round or Square Sponge Cake Recipe - April 2012

Quick & Simple Recipe Read more

The Launch - March 2012

Welcome to the The Little Cake Shop's New Website Read more

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The Little Cake Blog

March 2017

Limited Time Only!

15% OFF!

Simply Place Your Products into the Basket... Head to Checkout.. Use the code DISCOUNT15 in the Discount Code Box... Then Voila!!

Have you...

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