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Gluten Free Cake Mix - August 2013

Gluten Free Cake Mix

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With Doric cake mixes you can achieve perfectly turned out cakes every time with this easy to use cake mix. Give the impression of a home made cake in no time at all. 

We now sell Vanilla cake mix, chocolate cake mix, red velvet cake mix, gluten free cake mix, carrot cake mix and egg free cake mix.

For an 8" cake use;

Weigh 261 grams of cake mix into your mixer bowl,

Add 210 grams of egg

Add 27 grams of water

Mix on high speed for 1 minute, then stop.

Scrape down your sides of mixer bowl

Mix again for a further 9 minutes on high speed.

Bake at 190 for 25 minutes.

* Please note using a food mixer is advised for this recipe

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