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Decorating your Chocolate Cake.. - April 2014

Decorating your Chocolate Cake..

Are you organising a baby shower for a friend or family member?

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  1. Take the White Culpitt ready to roll icing and mould in your hands to make it soft. Sprinkle some corn flour on a flat, smooth surface and roll the icing out with a rolling pin until it is around 6mm thick.
  2. To ensure the icing is rolled out large enough measure the top and sides of your cake.
  3. Pick the rolled out icing up with your forearms to prevent splitting and place on top of the cake. Use the smoother and polisher tool to smooth out the top of the cake, and smooth down the sides with your hands, finishing it off with the smoother. Using a cake turntable makes this job easier, however this isn’t essential.
  4. Once your cake is covered and smooth, cut the excess icing off at the bottom of the cake, this doesn’t have to be perfect as the bottom will be covered by the ribbon.
  5. Take your coloured ready to roll icing (either blue, pink or yellow) and roll out using the same technique as above. Cut out two different size dots with your round cutters, and letters required using the alphabet cutters, and put them aside to harden.
  6. To make the babies bum, start by rolling a large amount of the white icing into a ball for the bum, squashing it down a little and scoring it with the leaf tool to make the creases of the nappy. Then using the peach coloured icing, roll out two sausage shapes for the legs. Make the feet by starting with two balls and squashing them down,and use the leaf tool again to score lines forthe creases. Finally roll 5 different size balls for the toes for each foot.
  7. Once all parts of the baby are made, using the edible glue fix the bum to the top of the cake, then glue the legs either side of the bum, the feet at the bottom, and finally glue all the toes to the feet with the biggest toes on the inside. (please refer to picture for guidance)
  8. Once the baby is glued down, Roll out some more coloured icing and cut out the blanket. Then glue it on top of the baby. 
  9. You can then glue all your spots onto the cake and blanket, and glue the letters to the board.
  10. To make the Ribbon and bow, roll out some more of your coloured icing and use the ribbon cutter to cut out a long strip of icing in your choice of edge, which you can then glue round the bottom of the cake.
  11. Finally make the bow by using some of the excess ribbon strip and glue the two outsides into the middle, with another strip down the middle. Glue this onto your cake and your baby shower cake is complete.

Enjoy and Good luck.

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