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Easy Icing Figures. - March 2016

Easy Icing Figures

Create your own..

Equipment: Ref Numbers for Website

• 250g pack of Renshaw ready to roll icing in Peach/Flesh (Ref: 02614)

• Smoother and Polisher (Ref: 84785)

• Edible glue (Ref: 5599)

• Culprit calyx cutter (Ref 84783) optional.

• Cocktail sticks

• PME Scallop and combe icing tool (Ref: PME4)

• We sell a a variety of ready to roll icing, or you can use our Sugarflair paste colours to colour white icing. 


1. Take your Peach/Flesh coloured renshaw icing and make the head, legs and arms for your figure first, so you know they are all in proportion.

2. Make the head by rolling some of the fondant into a ball shape with the palm of your hands. Put this to one side for later.

3. To make the legs roll some fondant into a long sausage shape by rolling it back and forth on a flat service. You can use the smoother tool to finish it off, as this will give it a smooth and even finish. Then cut it in half to make your two legs, ensuring they are cut the same length.

4. Do the same for the arms; however make sure they are thinner and shorter than your legs to ensure it stays in proportion. To make the hands, squash down one side of your arm so it’s flatter than the rest, and chop 4 slits into it to make the fingers.

5. You can then glue your legs to your cake. You are better to have your figure in a sitting position as a standing up figure is very hard to keep on your cake.

6. You can then make your shoes by making two small balls using a colour of your choice, and gently squashing them at the sides to make a more rectangular shape. You can then glue them at the bottom of your legs. Mould them into the legs once stuck to blend the join.

7. For the body, take some icing (colour of choice) and roll into a large ball, then measure against the legs to see if it is the correct size. With the palm of your hand squash down the sides, top and bottom to make it into a rounded rectangular shape.

8. Then insert a cocktail stick into the bottom of your body until it comes out of the top, and apply a small amount of glue to the bottom. Stick this onto your cake above your legs. The stick will help keep it upright on your cake. Leave a small amount of the cocktail stick sticking out the top of your body for fixing the head.

9. For the neck of your figure, roll out a very small ball in the flesh coloured icing, and glue this to the top of your body using the cocktail stick to keep it in place.

10. Then put a small amount of glue at the bottom of your head, and glue this on top of the neck, again using the cocktail stick to help keep it upright.

11. For the detail on the face, roll a small ball in the flesh colour and glue on for the nose. For the mouth use the PME 4 tool and press it into the face to leave a smile indent. For the eyes just dip a cocktail stick into the black sugarflair colour and dot them above the nose (see picture). To make ears use the same technique as the nose.

12. Now you have your basic figure you can add detail to make it look personal. For lady figures you can add a skirt like in our picture. Or for males you can add a belt, or do the legs another colour so it looks like he is wearing trousers, rather than bare legs.

13. You can then glue your arms on either side of the body, you can do them resting on the lap or up in the air using a cocktail stick to hold them in place.

14. You can also personalise your figure using hair. For ladies, roll the icing in to small thin sausage shapes and stick them each side of the head, with a parting down the middle. For men’s use the same technique but do it shorter.

16. Adding items to your figures can give it that personal touch, i.e. a hair dryer for a hairdresser, or a camera like our picture.

Enjoy. The Little Cake Shop.

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