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Basic 8" Round or Square Sponge Cake Recipe - April 2012

Basic 8" Round or Square Sponge Cake Recipe

Quick & Simple Recipe

There are so many recipes for making a sponge cake out there but we like to use our tried and tested simple recipe with no fancy techniques or ingredients.

12oz Castor Sugar

12oz Margarine

14oz Self Raising Flour

4 Medium Eggs


Follow these simple steps;

1. Cream the margarine and the castor sugar.

2. Add in the beaten eggs gradually.

3. Add the sieved flour bit by bit.

4. Mix for a few minutes.

5. Pour into a lined 8" cake tin.

6. Place in a fan assisted oven for 1 hour 20 mins at 180c.  Please be aware all ovens vary so refer to your manufacturers manual.

7. Place the cooked cake on a cooling rack to cool.

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