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How to make Buttercream White. - August 2012

Wilton Icing Whitener

Ever wondered how to make buttercream whiter than white or blue without it turning green?

This is a question we get asked all the time. When making buttercream it is difficult to stop it turning a shade of yellow. There are two methods which we have tried and tested that will give you brilliant white icing. The best way is use Wilton Icing Colour Whitener. Add a few drops into the buttercream and watch it change. A slightly cheaper method is to use a drop of Sugarflair Grape Violet Paste in with the buttercream but don't put too much in as this will obviously give you purple icing! 

Simple Buttercream Recipe*

Icing Sugar

Drop of Milk

Butter (not margarine as this has a different melting property)

3 drops of Vanilla essence

Whitener or Grape Violet Paste

When trying to make blue buttercream follow the process above to achieve a base then add your blue colouring.

*Note I have not given any quantities this is because I always make it by eye.  However, I don't ever use more than half a block of butter and add the milk according to how runny or thick you want the buttercream.


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