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Hearts and Stars Sprays - September 2012

Hearts and Stars Sprays

How to make a Heart or Star Spray Centerpiece for your Cake

Sprays give your cake height whilst giving them a modern feel. You can buy the hearts or stars ready made or simply make them yourself. If you are going to buy them ready made you can quite easily paint a white heart or star using Rejuvinator Spirit and Sugarflair Paste colouring to fit in with your colour scheme.

If you would like to make them yourself roll out some Regalice icing so it is about 5mm thick.  Cut out your shape.  Choose your chosen coloured wire and cut into sections around 5 inches.  Dip the end of the wire in a little water then insert through the length of the icing shape.  Leave flat on some kitchen paper for 24 hours to harden.  Once dry assemble the wires all together and bond together with white Florist Tape.  Gently bend the sprays outwards to give a full effect.  Insert a Flower Pick into the cake then insert a small ball of icing into the pick.  Gently lower your spray into the pick and leave to harden.  For a final touch add some Iridescent Sprays and a Diamante Number.  Spray with Pearl Spray for a twinkle sheen.

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