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Best Cake Decoration Idea for Boys - July 2015

Football Cake Decoration

At The Little Cake Company, we know that cake decoration is not just for girls.

While there might be thousands of pink cake baking supplies and princess themed cake toppers, there are just as many options for the boys. Baking together with your children is one of the most rewarding and fun activities you can do in the comfort of your own home and we believe that boys should have the opportunity to engage in this just as much as girls. 

Here are some great ideas to decorate cakes for any young culinary-minded boy.

Pirate Themed Cakes

For many young boys, the thought of pirates fighting on the high seas, shivering their timbers and making landlubbers walk the plank is enough to send them into fits of excitement. It stands to reason then, that infusing you and your child’s baking with some pirate themed cake decorations will encourage kids who wouldn’t know the difference between icing sugar and edible glitter to pick up a baking tray and start cooking!  From pirate ship cake tins to pirate themed cake toppers to skull and crossbones ribbons to 3 tier pirate ship cake stands, there are many options to create a sea worthy dessert that will please any potential rapscallion.

Football Themed Cakes

The beautiful game can now be transformed into beautiful cakes! From grass stained knees to using school jumpers for goalposts, football is an ever present part of many young boy’s lives, providing some of the fondest memories (and, including all those crushing defeats, some bad ones). Therefore, introducing football into baking will easily entice any potential Lionel Messi into the world of cakes. Icing your cake using a football stencil or topping your creation with shining silver trophy are just a few ideas that will make your kitchen feel like Wembley on FA Cup Final day.

Space Themed Cakes

Soaring through the endless expanse of space might seem terrifying to some of us, but many young boys would consider this an unbeatable adventure. Aliens, rocket ships and anything science fiction are the stuff of dreams for many schoolboys and you could help encourage this interest by getting  them involved in the kitchen with some space age baking. Decorate your cake with an alien cake topper, edible planetary sugar decorations and shining blue edible sparkles to create a dessert that is out of this world which is bound to capture the imagination of any future astronaut.

These are just a few of the ideas that you could utilise to encourage boys to get into baking. At The Little Cake Shop there are hundreds of ideas for not just boys, but anyone who wants to create their own personalised slice of happiness. 

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