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6 Cake Baking Supplies You Can’t Live Without - July 2015

Cake Baking Supplies

The Little Cake Shop know that not everyone has the same level of skill when it comes to baking.

If you are a complete novice within the world of baking, getting started can seem like an arduous chore, especially with the plethora of baking equipment that is available. From trays to boards to tins to cutters, it can seem quite difficult to start if you have had no prior experience. However, fear not, as this handy guide will steer you through the maze of moulds, whisks and baking tins by showing you the six essential cake decorating supplies.

1 – Baking Tins

This one might seem obvious, but a good baking tin is the mark of a true professional. The best baking tins have straight sides instead of slanted, which helps to keep your cake straight after it has been stacked. This eliminates the need to carve the edges of your sponge to get it straighter, which can sometimes ruin the visual aspect of your creation.

2 – Whisk

Again, it might not take a rocket scientist to figure out you need a whisk to make a cake, but you would be kicking yourself if you forgot this invaluable piece of equipment. Although, some people may think a fork is sufficient to mix their ingredients, they would soon find themselves with aching wrists and a less than appetising dessert. This is because whisks are designed to give volume and aerate foods, and without this the quality of your cakes will suffer.

3 – Palette Knife

A palette knife can be one of the most versatile tools in your quest to become a master baker. From smoothing on icing to scraping bowls to cutting butter into flour, this tool is useful in so many ways it should have a permanent place in any potential cake chef’s kitchen.

4 – Cake Tester

Whether it be wedding cakes or simple cupcakes, a cake tester is massively important. Nothing is worse than spending hours preparing the perfect dessert but misjudging the amount of a time it needs in the oven. With the aid of a cake tester, however, this won’t be a problem again. Once your cake is out the oven, slide the tester into the top of your creation and if the metal comes out clean you are all set to serve your delicious dessert.

5 – Parchment Paper

One of the biggest mishaps that can happen when baking is that dreaded moment when your fresh out of the oven cake is stuck to the bottom of the baking tin. Using parchment paper, however, makes this a thing of the past. By placing a sheet at the bottom of the tin your cake should slide out from the baking tin perfectly. Note that parchment paper is not the same as wax paper and they are not interchangeable, as if put in the oven, wax paper will produce a large amount of smoke.

6 – Cake Decorations

Your cake might taste great, but if it is not visually pleasing, you still haven’t reached the ranks of master baker. This is where cake decorations prove their worth. From Disney character toppers for the kids to luxury diamanté gems for someone special, there is a whole range of decorations to make your baking a little more exciting. Don’t underestimate the impact of visual appeal when it comes to cooking!

Make sure you aren't under equipped in the kitchen and visit The Little Cake Shop for everything you could possibly need for creating wonderful cakes.  

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