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The Most Common Cake Decoration Mistakes You Need to Avoid - August 2015

Cake Fail

Avoid the most common mistakes in baking and cake decoration with these handy tips!

A quick Google image search of ‘cake decoration fails’ will herald a mountain of cake decoration disasters, with thousands of examples of runny icing, messy cupcake sprinkles and inappropriate cake toppers. It seems like for every beautifully baked masterpiece, there are just as many complete failures. At The Little Cake Shop, we love to see our customers decorate their creations as best as they possibly can, so we have created this handy guide to show you what you should be avoiding when you step into the kitchen. Staying as far away from these mistakes as possible will have you using our cake baking supplies and cake decorations to create perfect desserts every time.

Mistake 1: Not Having the Proper Utensils at the Ready

A lot of people think that a chef is only as good as his tools. While this isn’t completely true, it is not a good idea to go into the kitchen unprepared. A few items are essential to getting your cakes looking professional. Luckily, our recent blog post on 6 Baking Supplies You Can’t Live Without provides a handy checklist for any potential bakers who feel underprepared to tackle some difficult baking.

Mistake 2: Not Putting Grease or Flour in the Baking Tin

No matter what the recipe, there will normally be an instruction to grease or flour the baking tin before putting it in the oven. Despite being one of the first and easiest steps on any basic recipe, it is surprising how many people miss this step. If do happen to forgo this simple instruction, you will find that your cake won’t fall out of the pan like it is supposed to, normally leaving you with a crumbling, unappetising mess.

Mistake 3: Not Sieving the Flour Correctly

Again, this might seem a really simple step to most experienced bakers out here, but this is also often repeated. This might be due to some people thinking that it is a waste, when it is in fact a very important step. Firstly, it removes lumps from the flour, making your mixture much smoother and, secondly, it better incorporates the leavening agent, making sure the cake rises evenly.

Mistake 4: Overcrowding the Oven

It might seem like a great time saving method to bake all of the layers of your cake together, but this can spell disaster. By overcrowding the oven, there won’t be enough air circulation meaning the oven won’t reach the correct temperature. For best result, only bake two cakes at a time.

Mistake 5: Opening the Oven Door Before You Need To

This is a particular annoyance of mine, as people do this all the time during cookery, not knowing that they are making the take a lot longer to cook! Every time the oven door is opened, the temperature will drop by 25 – 50 degrees, which can ruin a cake by causing it to collapse.

Mistake 6: Cutting the Cake Before It Is Cooled

This one requires patience, as your cake might look so good (if you've followed the rest of these tips), but it would be shame to fail at the final hurdle. Let the cake reach room temperature before you cut it. Do not put the cake in the fridge, as it will cook down too fast and might make it collapse.

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