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Our Favourite Spooky Halloween Cake Decorations - October 2015

Halloween Cake Decorations


Nope, it’s not the day you check your bank balance after Christmas, it is everyone’s favourite excuse to dress up; Halloween! This originally Celtic and pagan holiday is now a worldwide phenomenon, with kids all over the world dressing up as their favourite mythical characters in the hopes of gaining some sweets. In celebration of this exciting day, we have rounded up our Halloween cake decorations!

Wilton Jumbo Sugar Jack-O-Lanterns

The pumpkin is a perpetual symbol of Halloween, adorning the fronts of houses across the country. Originally, turnips, squashes and beets were used to scare unwary travellers around the time of Halloween. It is actually unknown how the tradition moved onto pumpkins, but nevertheless they are still incredibly popular. With the Wilton Jumbo Sugar Jack-O-Lantern sprinkles it is now easy to add some traditional Halloween spookiness to your cakes! These are great for cupcakes which are perfect as a treat for any young ghouls and ghosts.

Witch Rings

Witches are as common place in the traditions of Halloween folklore as pumpkins. The idea of witches and witchcraft has been around for thousands of years, with references to them in the Old Testament. The popular image of the witch was cemented during the Salem witch trials when thousands of men and women were put to trial for engaging in witchcraft. A Halloween cake just wouldn’t be right without a scary witch! This is why we stock witch rings which are perfect for decorating cupcakes, cakes, gifts and prizes.

Claydough Monster

 Monsters of all shapes and sizes have been prevalent in British folklore for hundreds of years. This fascination has contained to the modern era, especially with films featuring terrifying incarnations of thousands of different types of monsters. This makes our green Cyclops cake topper perfect to add a terrifying touch to any Halloween cake!

White Ghost Cutter

Ghosts are common across every culture of the world and throughout history. There have been so may reported cases of ghost’s sightings across the world, it is hard to document them all. From churches to abandoned houses, these creepy apparitions really do get about.  Eerily, these sightings always seem to increase in number around Halloween. To have your own supernatural experience this October, why not try one of our ghost cookie cutters!


Get your Halloween cake decorations now, and start making some amazingly spooky cakes and treats! 

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