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Creating Your Own Shades of Sugar Paste.. - March 2016

Two Simple 'How To' Methods..

If you can’t find the sugar paste colour you are looking for, it is possible to create it with Sugar Paste.

Here are a few instructions on how to create some extra colours by simply mixing a few colours together, the possibilities are endless! A good tip is to make sure the paste is at room temperature before you begin so that it is pliable.

Simply take the colours that are to be mixed and knead together until the new shade is evenly mixed. You may find that the paste can become soft during kneading with warm hands so leave the paste to cool back down to room temperature before using to decorate your cakes. 

You can create stunning marbled effects with Cake Decorating Sugar Paste to add interest and give texture and dimension to your cake decoration. It is easy to do and is a great way to create a unique look. To marble colours together, take the pieces of colour and alternate them. Then knead the colours together until they are slightly blended and the desired look has been created.

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