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Cake Decorations

Choose from our extensive range of cake decorations. You will find numerous cake toppers for all ages, from wedding cake toppers, to christening cake toppers and birthday cake toppers.

We have a wide range of sugar flowers from small daisies to fully formed sugar roses.  Use a 'Happy Birthday' motto then add some ribbon to hide your rough edges and a diamanté number or brooch for a bit of bling. Oh, and don't forget the candles.

Hundreds of cake decorations in stock.

Disney Character Toppers

Disney Cake Toppers

Who doesn’t love Disney?

We are proud to present our large range of Disney Cake figurine decorations, perfect for a magical birthday surprise. 

They are extremely well made and will make fantastic decorations on Disney themed Cake or Cupcakes. They are made from a plastic resin and can be washed and used as a keep sake.

Our most popular Disney Cake Toppers are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, characters from Toy Story, Frozen as well as many Disney Princesses.

The kids will love them!

cake toppers

Cake Toppers

Create something truly extraordinary with our amazing range of cake toppers!

From wedding cake toppers to festive Christmas trees to cute animal figurines to beautiful pink princesses, there is a cake topper for every occasion.

With so many great choices available, it can get difficult to decide which cake decoration will suit you best!

Click here for Disney Cake Toppers or here for Wedding Cake Toppers..



Bride & Grooms cake toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers

Fun or serious, a wedding statue can be the cherry on top of a wedding cake!

A wedding cake statue is a very personal thing.  Some people prefer a traditional type where as others don't take them as seriously and opt for a novelty style wedding cake topper.

Fortunately, we stock a range of Bride & Groom cake toppers, including porcelain wedding cake toppers, wedding statues and novelty wedding cake toppers.

Cake Diamantes

Cake Diamantes

Diamante cake picks are our biggest selling cake decorating embellishment. They give glamour and sparkle to any cake in an instant.

We stock all Cake Diamante letters for cakes from the alphabet to create a name or all single Cake Diamante numbers and double numbers for those big birthdays! Add that Gold or Silver Diamante sparkle to your glitter cakes as they are great ideas for girl’s cakes or boy’s cakes.

How about a Diamante Mr and Diamante Mrs for the top of a wedding cake or a diamante cross for a christening cake?

Whatever your idea, don’t worry, we stock a huge range!

Sugar Flowers & Leaves

Sugar Flowers & Leaves

Delicate, pre-made sugar flowers are a quick way to make a cake look pretty.  We sell small edible daisies to large sugar roses.  Place a sugar daisy directly on the top of a cupcake or adhere a sugar rose on with white icing.

You should advise your guests that, although most sugar flowers are edible, some have an additive in them which makes them very hard.

Hearts & Stars Sprays

Cake Picks

Sprays are the perfect way to give your cake that extra bit of height whilst giving them a modern feel. Featuring a range of designs they are perfect for any occasion.

You can buy picks pre-made or, if you are feeling a bit more confident, simply make them yourself. If you are going to buy them pre- made you can quite easily paint a white heart or star using Rejuvinator Spirit and Sugarflair Paste colouring to fit in with your colour scheme.


Plastic Messages, Numbers & Letters

For those that aren’t confident enough to try and create their own message, plastic cake mottos are a quick and simple way to personalise your cake.

Try sticking a 'Happy Birthday' cake topper into a cupcake then placing it into a cupcake box as a gift.

We stock a wide range of cake mottos so if you're not confident in your piping ability or want something that you can reuse, why not have a look at the cake mottos section.


Wire, Stamens and Tape

Use green wire to make sugar flower sprays. The higher the gauge of wire, the thinner the wire.  Therefore, use thicker wire for a heavier flower head.  Bind your flower sprays together with green florist tape.

Try using bright colourful wire to make star bursts or other wire crafts.


Beads & Embellishments

Use trendy beads and embellishments to give your cakes a sparkle and stand out from the crowd. From butterflies, buckles to beads and feathers, there's a whole range of ways to embellish your cake.

Although these embellishments are a lovely way to make your cake unique, be warned, they are not edible so will need to be removed prior to eating!


Birthday Candles

Everybody needs to blow out candles on their birthday, no matter what their age!  We stock traditional coloured candles to novelty candles to number candles.

Fountain candles are an impressive addition to any celebration cake.

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