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Sometimes baking a beautiful cake just isn’t enough – you need to package them well too! Protect your creations and display them to their full potential with our great range of cake packaging.

We have an extensive range included a multitude of cupcake cases, cake boxes and muffin containers! These come in a range of available colours and themes, including birthdays and Christmas. 

When boxing a cake use the same size cake box as the cake board unless you have significant overhang.  All of our cupcake boxes come complete with the inserts which stop the cupcake moving around in the box.  Alternatively use a cellophane bag to protect your cupcakes, chocolates or cookies. The majority of our products come in different colours and sizes.


Cupcake Baking Cases

Good quality cupcake cases go a long way in making a good impression. You can choose from different coloured cupcake cases and designs to make your creations even more exciting!  

Ever tried making mini cupcakes?  We now stock mini cupcake cases and also mini cupcake tins to bake them in.

Ever find your cases come away from your cakes?  Firstly let your cupcakes cool in the Wilton cupcake tin to achieve a good shape to your finished cupcakes or try filling your cupcake cases with a little more mixture.


Cupcake Boxes

Cupcake boxes are the most stylish way to protect your freshly baked masterpieces. They come in variations of single, four, six or twelve and come complete with inserts to keep the cupcakes from moving around the cupcake box.

Not only are cupcake boxes practical but they also come in different designs.  Our personal favourite are the blue and pink gingham cupcake boxes, which are perfect for christenings! 


Cupcake Stands

Using a cardboard cupcake stand is a great cost effective way to display your cupcakes.  They are easy to assemble and, when looked after properly, you can re-use the cupcake stand over and over again.

However, if you are looking for something a little more rigid, try using a metal wire cupcake stand to display your creations.  A cupcake stand is sure to be the centre of any party table and wow anyone who see’s it!

Cellophane Bags


Need that little something to add to the party? In this section we have party bags, party napkins and party plates to make sure any party you throw is perfect every time!

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