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Cupcake Baking Cases

Good quality cupcake cases go a long way in making a good impression. You can choose from different coloured cupcake cases and designs to make your creations even more exciting!  

Ever tried making mini cupcakes?  We now stock mini cupcake cases and also mini cupcake tins to bake them in.

Ever find your cases come away from your cakes?  Firstly let your cupcakes cool in the Wilton cupcake tin to achieve a good shape to your finished cupcakes or try filling your cupcake cases with a little more mixture.

45mm Skull & Crossbones Baking Cases - 54 per pack

45mm Skull & Crossbones Baking Cases x 54

NOW £1.76! Save 10%

Mini Smiley Snowman Fairy Cases x 100

PME Mini Smiley Snowman Fairy Cases x 100

Buy One Get One Free!

PME Mini Christmas Cupcake Cases x 100

PME Mini Christmas Santa Fairy Cases x 100

NOW £0.50! Save £1.70

Santa Fairy Cake Cases x60

PME Christmas Parcels Fairy Cases x 60

NOW £1.00! Save £0.99

Pale Pink Cupcake Cases 50mm 50 Pack

50mm Pale Pink Cupcake Cases x 50


Out of stock.

White Cupcake Cases 50mm 54 Pack {cfp}

50mm White Cupcake Cases x 54


Out of stock.

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