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Manufacturers & suppliers of sugarcraft products and accessories, bakery and catering equipment.

FMM is a major manufacturer of sugarcraft products including cake decoration, bakery and catering equipment. They have been established for over 50 years and are constantly striving for new and innovative ideas. This enables their customers to be creative with traditional equipment and at the same time provide tools which make it possible to produce an end product which is stylish and easily achievable.

FMM Star Cutters 3 Set

FMM Star Cutters 4 Set

NOW £5.69! Save £1.00

FMM Bead Cutter No2 4mm

FMM Bead Cutter No.2 4mm

NOW £8.78! Save £1.00

Out of stock.

FMM Poinsettia - 7 piece

FMM Poinsettia - 7 piece

NOW £7.22! Save £1.00

FMM Rose Leaf 3 Set

FMM Rose Leaf Cutter 3 Set


Out of stock.

FMM Rose Petal Cutters

FMM Rose Petal Cutters Set of 5


Out of stock.

Side Smoother

FMM Side Smoother


Out of stock.

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